The story

Samer's passion for desserts began in the family kitchen where he would watch his mother and grandmother whisk up sweets and treats. Little by little, he began to appreciate the opulence of chocolate, the versatility of fruits and the spiciness of cinnamon. Desert making time filled Samer’s childhood with unique memories and emotions.    

Though he grew up with a passion for flavors, Samer chose a more practical career path and earned an Engineering degree from the American University of Beirut, followed by an MBA. As he delved into the adult world of business and engineering, the little child in him kept yearning for those unique aromas of careless times. Sometimes, and to the great delight of his family and friends, he would whip up a dessert just for fun[SK1] .

The fun turned serious, as he would spend most, if not all of his free time trying to master techniques and challenging recipes. Samer realized that pastry was not a mere hobby. Pastry was his calling. He quit his cushy job, packed his bags and left for Paris, the Capital of Pastry, to learn from the very best.

Samer joined the Intensive Professional Pastry Program at Ecole Ferrandi, known as the Harvard of Gastronomy where he developed his knowhow and skills and learned the secrets of the trade. He complemented his studies with a long training at the Hotel Four Seasons Georges V, one of Paris’s most prestigious Palaces, where taste and presentation are of the highest standards. Making desserts for the most demanding taste buds of the world completed his understanding of the craft and sealed his love for the perfect dessert.

Samer returned to Beirut with a clear vision: to make desserts that tap into one’s emotions. In his Pastry Lab, Des Choux et Des Idées, he concocts sweets and sensations for all to enjoy.