we have all most probably consumed Grapefruit as a fruit, and heard of its numerous benefits as a juice, even included in many diets, but what's new with the grapefruit in town is Chef Kobeissi's take at Des Choux Et Des Idees , which has a new dimension for Grapefruit flavour.


It first started with the opening of our Abd El Wahhab El Inglizi street boutique when the specialty grapefruit cake was introduced - a novelty in Beirut at the time -

then in 2018, the grapefruit use took a new path by introducing it in the latest 2018 summer collection tart - the Grapefruit Flower Blossom - which is a perfect summer fresh summer tart for many occasions, and has the right equilibrium of sweetness for the season. 


But recently with the start of our ice cream collection, the Grapefruit Rose Water flavour was introduced, making the fruit a signature item of the boutique and a component of a variety of items across the collections.

for all citrus lovers,  its time to indulge yourself in the secret of the Grapefruit !





Grapefruit Cake


Grapefruit Tart



Grapefruit Rose Water




the secret of the Grapefruit